'I've come out the other side' - Kiwi singer Ladyhawke reveals cancer scare after successful surgery for invasive melanoma

Ladyhawke has been cleared of cancer after a melanoma scare, the Kiwi singer has revealed on social media today.

"I've been through an incredibly hard time and I've come out the other side," the 39-year-old posted on Instagram today after undergoing surgery for the melanoma.

"I was diagnosed with invasive melanoma and for a small time there I didn’t know what the end of my story was going to look like," she continued.

"But I’m one lymph node down and there’s a pretty awesome scar down the back of my leg now - and I’ve been cleared of cancer."

The performer had been diagnosed with melanoma. Source: Instagram / Ladyhawke

In the post Ladyhawke thanked friends and family for their support and urged people to get moles checked and wear sunscreen.

Numerous well wishers posted messages of support on Ladyhawke's Instagram post including fellow Kiwi musician Anika Moa who wrote: "Oh man I'm so happy you're through it! Aroha to you brave and awesome babe".

Ladyhawke, her wife Madeleine Sami, and their daughter. Source: Instagram / Ladyhawke

Singer Ladyhawke laying on a hospital bed. Source: Instagram / Ladyhawke

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