Hits co-hosts give update on Toni Street's condition as she battles severe illness - 'A lot of people don't understand how sick Toni's been'

Toni Street's radio family have given an update on her health after she made a Facebook post yesterday revealing she has been battling a severe illness for the past month. 

The illness means that Toni has been absent from her job hosting The Hits morning radio show. This morning her co-hosts and concerned friends Sarah Gandy and Sam Wallace gave an  update on her situation.

"She did have an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, but a lot of people don't understand how sick Toni's been," Sam explained.

Toni Street took to Facebook to reveal she has been suffering with jaundice.
Toni Street took to Facebook to reveal she has been suffering with jaundice. Source: Facebook

"She got a toxic shock to an antibiotic and it effectively shut down her liver, so what does that mean? It means - and I'm no expert - but apparently liver then releases bile into your bloodstream, and poor Toni went a sick colour of yellow."

Sarah added that the picture posted to Facebook of Toni yesterday shows just how sick she is.

"Well, she's gone jaundice. When we said she was sick, people were just like, 'aw yeah, whatever' but she's been really sick."

Sam then outlined the seriousness of the situation that was relayed to him by Toni in a visit on Friday.

"I pretty much had my first visit with her on Friday, because she just hasn't felt like seeing people and she basically said she has an acute version of liver failure.

"If this becomes chronic - and a week or so ago it had the chance of becoming chronic - it's serious enough that she would have to potentially have a liver replacement if it becomes long-term."

Sam also revealed that Toni is on the mend as she sent him a text saying "I'm starting to feel myself again, I'm ecstatic ... as I hop into bed for another nana nap."

Street has been absent from her morning radio show for a month. Source: The Hits


Disney's Aladdin Broadway musical coming to New Zealand early next year

The hit Broadway musical of Disney's Aladdin is coming to New Zealand early next year, Disney Theatrical Productions announced today.

The stage version of the critically-acclaimed Disney film will be performed at Auckland's Civic Theatre from January 3.

More than six million people have flocked to the production since the musical had its world premiere in late March 2014.

The musical has since expanded to productions in Tokyo, Hamburg, London and a North American tour.

It will feature timeless songs from the film as well as new music with lyrics penned by Disney's Beauty and the Beast's Howard Ashman.

Aladdin is currently being performed in Brisbane before heading to Perth in July.

Tickets go on sale in August.

One of the biggest musicals in show business is heading for New Zealand early next year. Source: Seven Sharp


Jack Tame immortalised on paper alongside the likes of Donald Trump by renowned UK political cartoonist

Renowned British illustrator and political cartoonist Chris Riddell is in New Zealand for the Auckland Writers Festival.

Riddell spoke with Jack Tame on TVNZ1's Breakfast today where he talked about the art of political satire and his upcoming book with JK Rowling.

In studio Riddell also had time to reveal a quick sketch he'd done of Jack Tame.

Chris Riddell is in New Zealand for the Auckland Writers Festival and spoke on TVNZ1’s Breakfast. Source: Breakfast