'He just tries to suck up to us by wearing All Blacks shirts' – Breakfast's Hayley Holt expressed her utter disdain for Ed Sheeran

TVNZ 1 Breakfast host Hayley Holt has taken aim at beloved singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, saying "he does my head in".

The Breakfast crew were discussing a decision by an organisation funded by Dunedin ratepayers to spend more than $8000 on a mural of Sheeran.

The English star is going to be playing three concerts in the southern city, and the group wants to immortalise his visit with a giant image.

The discussion prompted Hayley to express her disdain for Sheeran.

"Ed Sheeran seems like a lovely person, but he's so boring," she said.

"He just tries to suck up to us by wearing All Blacks shirts, and now we're sucking up to him by putting up a giant picture of his mug."

Co-host Jack Tame was quick to distance himself from Hayley's comments.

"You don't know what you've done. You've upset the Ed Sheeran people."

Newsreader Jenny Suo doubted the mural would do much for tourism in Dunedin, before Hayley piped in once again.

"He ruined Games of Thrones."

Hayley took aim at the English pop star – and didn't miss. Source: Breakfast