Golden Globes video of Modern Family star Sarah Hyland acting intoxicated with bellboy criticised on social media

Social media users are calling for an InStyle video of a Modern Family actor to be removed, with some fans labelling the video "repulsive". 

InStyle magazine posted a series of 25 videos to their Instagram last night of actors leaving an elevator at the Golden Globes afterparty, however the first video posted of Sarah Hyland is causing a stir online. 

The video shows 27-year-old Hyland appearing intoxicated while trying to leave the elevator, she stumbles out of the lift with a bottle of champagne in hand, while a bellboy has his hand around her waist. 

The clip ends with Hyland laughing and taking the bellboy's hat, before falling backwards into the man's arms while attempting to leave the elevator. The bellboy is shown smiling and the doors close. 

Social media users have suggested the video is "innapropriate" considering the theme of this year's Golden Globes, which was a focus on the Time's Up movement. Users have taken to the comment section of the video to say the clip should be "taken down" as it goes against the message of the evening. 

One user said, "This upsets me... Not because we can't take a joke... But the seriousness of the occasion #timesup and yet this contradicts the event in some ways." 

Another user posted, "Did no one filming this one stop to think, 'Hey, maybe this one is a little... Not right...'"

One user added, "A man eyeing and grabbing an intoxicated young woman... Makes #timesup look like a joke."

One user simply wrote, "This is repulsive."

Last week, a group of women in Hollywood announced the "Time's Up" initiative, which aims to combat sexual harassment and systemic sexism in the workplace.

Members include Reese Witherspoon, America Ferrera, Meryl Streep, Shonda Rhimes, and many others who work in film, television, and theatre. 

The Instagram post has currently been viewed 814,000 times, it currently has nearly 500 comments, some asking for the video to be removed.

"Many of us would like this post to be cancelled and @instylemagazine to apologise," one person suggested.