Childrens' author David Walliams shares new book inspired by young wheelchair user

David Walliams has been on on television for years, from sketch shows to his most recent role as a judge on reality talent show Britain's Got Talent.

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His new book, inspired by a young boy in a wheelchair, is hoped to empower and entertain children for generations. Source: Breakfast

But away from the TV, he's also a wildly successful children's author with more than 37 million copies of his books sold.

He's just released his latest book, Slime, inspired by Dante - a young boy with brittle bone disease who uses a wheelchair. He hopes it will empower and entertain children for generations.

"My first instinct was, 'He's in a wheelchair, maybe I should write quite a serious book about a boy in a wheelchair.' Then I thought, 'No, he's a lot of fun, why don't I write a fun book about a boy in a wheelchair and he just happens to be the hero of it,'" Walliams told TVNZ1's Breakfast host John Campbell.

"It's nice to have a hero in a wheelchair that's somehow not really about that."

Watch the full interview above to hear more about the book and what David Walliams has been up to in lockdown in the UK.