Canterbury music festival thought to be first in world to go on sale amid Covid-19 pandemic

New Zealand music festival Selwyn Sounds is going on sale today, and it's likely to be the first major music festival in the world to go on sale during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The 2021 music event, which will celebrate it's fifth anniversary, is scheduled for March 6.

The event's headlining act is Australia-based Kiwi rocker Jon Stevens, who is performing with his Noiseworks and INXS collection, as well as Stan Walker and The Jordan Luck Band.

“I’m really looking forward to coming home for the music and the seafood and of course to see all the locals from Lincoln, Canterbury, Oamaru, Timaru and music lovers from all around New Zealand rocking out with us," Stevens said.

"I’m pleased to be sharing the stage with a huge line-up of stars such as Stan [Walker] and Jordan [Luck], Che Fu [Supergroove and The Lady Killers].

“I can’t wait to hear collaborations of some iconic Kiwi rock classics and of course I’m pumped to be belting out some of the best hits from INXS and Noiseworks! It will be a sensational weekend and I can’t wait to celebrate and be part of one of the world’s first big music events since Covid-19 shut us down. We are back, baby.”

This year’s event sold out, with a crowd of thousands.

Tickets went on sale at 7am today at

The full line-up:

Jon Stevens – Noiseworks and INXS

Stan Walker

The Jordan Luck Band

The Kiwi 7

Annie Crummer

Jason Kerrison – Op Shop

Che Fu - Supergroove

Nathan King and Andy Lynch - Zed

Rodney Fisher – Goodshirt

The Lady Killers - Tina Cross, Suzanne Lynch and Jackie Clarke

The Remnants of Hello Sailor

Automatic 80’s