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    The politics of 2020 - what to expect

    It is set to be a big year of politics in New Zealand, 1 NEWS looks at the upcoming big events.


    New Plymouth's $30k youth voter turnout campaign employing turd emoji causes stink

    There is debate about the Give a Sh*t campaign's value for money for ratepayers.

    Auckland local body elections explained as officials encourage people to vote

    The Electoral Office is urging those without their voting packs to cast a special vote.


    Meet the community board candidate using kumara to educate voters

    Far North community board candidate Manuwai Wells uses kumara to represent each vote a person in her district is entitled to.


    Nominations for local body elections closed after last minute rush

    The full list of candidates will be announced next week, with voting papers to follow at the end of next month.

    Majority of young Aucklanders want voting to be compulsory, new survey finds

    That's despite 25- to 34-year-olds having dismal attendance at the polls.

    'Archaic' law allows multiple-property owners extra voting rights

    "The problem is one of fairness rather than a distortion of the outcome."


    What are the US midterm elections, and what will they tell us about Trump’s presidency?

    Crucial election results will come in on Wednesday afternoon, NZ time.


    Colmar Brunton methodology shifts to reflect young voters without landlines

    The Kantar Insight New Zealand CEO said the new methodology will give a more robust and accurate result.

    'The cost of democracy' - Kiwi ratepayers to fork out up to $400k to replace newly elected MPs

    A group of now ex-local government politicians had to vacate their seats after being elected in the 2017 election - and by-elections aren't cheap.

    Young voters show biggest increase in turnout at election

    Total turnout was 79.8 per cent, the highest since 2005, and 18 to 24-year-olds were up 6.5 per cent.


    Video podcast: 'They've got all that energy' - 1 NEWS political team on Labour's long-awaited swearing in ceremony

    There was an unusual excitement to the swearing in ceremony, and Corin Dann gets a red birthday cake.


    Opinion: Winston Peters starting to look like he's ready to hand over to Shane Jones

    John Armstrong says the coalition agreement could be read as a handover plan.


    Full list: Who gets what in the Labour-led Government

    Prime Minister-elect Jacinda Ardern hs announced the full list of her government's portfolios.


    FULL CLIP: Watch Jacinda Ardern explain the thinking behind her ministerial picks

    The Prime Minister-elect has released details of who gets what in the Labour-led government.


    'We are both simultaneously very proud and very humbled' – Shaw on the Green Party portfolio allocations

    The Green Party co-leader said the MPs were tremendously talented in their fields.


    Formation of new government completed with signing of coalition deals

    Labour signed a coalition agreement with NZ First and a support agreement with the Greens.


    Watch: The moment PM-elect Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters put pen to paper on coalition deal

    The coalition announcement was made today in Wellington, with confirmed ministerial positions coming later this week.


    'There are some areas that we agree' - Ardern admits she and Peters don't see eye-to-eye on immigration

    There are skill needs and shortages that need to be met, Ms Ardern told Q+A.


    James Shaw: Greens will push electric cars, help farmers to become sustainable

    Public transport will also be a priority, as will moving New Zealand towards "100% renewable energy generation", he said.


    Video podcast: 'Oh my God, the ultimate reality TV show' – Corin and the team unpack Winston's hectic D-Day

    Even 1NEWS' political team had no idea when, how, and if the NZ First leader would reveal his coalition partners yesterday.


    Jacinda Ardern desperate to work with NZ's vulnerable children, but says it's 'unwise' to be involved with individual cases

    The PM-elect also implied she would be involved in arts and culture, and intelligence portfolios.


    Who will get Cabinet posts? Ardern set to dish out ministerial postings in meeting this afternoon

    That will include at least four Cabinet positions for NZ First with the Green Party's James Shaw also in line.


    'It's not a matter of moral authority' - Bill English graciously accepts election defeat despite National's top vote tally

    "We all know the rules, we play by them," Mr English said of his party's 56 seats in opposition.

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