Lily and Lesina choose their bachelor in the finale of the Bachelorette NZ and then we get the extra scoop in After The Final Rose

Season Final
The Bachelorette New Zealand
Sunday 29th March, 7pm and Monday 30th March at 7.30pm

Our Bachelorettes’ epic journey comes to a close this week, as they make their toughest decisions so far. Both have two men remaining, and it’s time to meet the parents – how will the opinions of our leading ladies families influence their final choice?

Plus, precious time at the overnight dates without the cameras is on offer – will any of our couples be whisked away?

In the final episodes there’s epic romance alongside devastating heartbreak, and twists and turns abound. Tune in to find out how this story ends.

After The Final Rose
Tuesday 31st March, 7.30pm 

After Lily and Lesina’s big decisions on Monday night, our Bachelorettes join host Art Green on the couch to chat about how it all went down and how things have been since filming.

But before that, the men have their tell all moments and answer the questions to some of the biggest scandals and funniest moments of the season.

Plus, Daryl the mole is back!

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Billy Connolly heads off the beaten track, following the migratory trail of the Scots.

Billy Connolly's Great American Trail
Thursday 2nd April, 8.30pm 

Comedy legend Billy Connolly is on the journey of a lifetime!

Starting in New York and finishing in the heart of America, Nashville, Tennessee, Billy heads far off the beaten track into the places you’ve heard of but have rarely seen.

As he follows the migratory trail of the Scots, he discovers the extraordinary places and people that make today’s America, with its diverse heritage of immigration.

This is a series bursting at the seams with music, football, gangsters, whales, real life moonshiners – all tied up together in this incredible story of the land of the free, as seen through the eyes of one of the world’s most loved comedians.

This time, with rising building costs and uncertain house prices, the decision to stay or go has never been harder for these families!

Kirstie & Phil’s Love It Or List It
Wednesday 1st April, 8pm

Once again, Kirstie and Phil are coming to the rescue of families at war over whether to love or list their home. After hearing why each couple’s home no longer fits their requirements, Kirstie will help them transform it to show that loving it is the best way to go. Meanwhile, Phil will try to tempt them to list it by wowing them with three new homes that address their needs.

This time, with rising building costs and uncertain house prices, the decision to stay or go has never been harder for these families! Kirstie’s come out on top in all four series so far, but Phil’s not going to let that put him off his game.

It’s all to play for, but will Phil’s properties tip them over to team list it... or will Kirstie’s renovations lure them to love the home they’re in? Tune in to season five to find out!

Go behind the scenes and into the lives of one of the most iconic female pop stars the world has seen in Whitney

Streaming Wednesday 1st April from 12pm

Don’t miss all of the highs and lows of this record-breaking artist’s life and times as they're revealed in this must-see doco.

Oscar®-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald’s documentary feature Whitney utilizes never-before-seen archival footage, rare performances and original interviews with the people closest to her to provide a spellbinding portrait of the tragic musical icon Whitney Houston.

Join Hank, Peggy and the gang in this nostalgic classic.

King Of The Hill
Full season streaming from Monday 20th March

Looking for laughs as big as Texas? Then head for the hills!

King Of The Hill is a hilarious animated half-hour comedy series that follows the day-to-day activities of Hank Hill, his family and their neighbours in a suburban Texas town.

Hank’s wife, Peggy, is a homemaker who often finds herself saying “I told you so” as she watches him do things the hard way. And among Hank’s neighbourhood buddies are the dim-witted, beer drinking Bill, Dale and Boomhauer!

Enjoy some classic 90s comedy you don't want to miss, now on TVNZ OnDemand!

Zach Braff stars in the early 2000's hospital comedy, Scrubs

Streaming from Monday 30th March, 12pm

JD, Turk and Elliott are back in this cult comedy classic!

This half-hour comedy focuses on the bizarre experiences of fresh-faced medical intern John “J.D.” Dorian (Zach Braff, The Broken Hearts Club) as he embarks on his healing career in a surreal hospital crammed full of unpredictable staffers and patients – where humour and tragedy can merge paths at any time!

Don't miss all the screwball antics of the unpredictable staffers at Sacred Heart, now on TVNZ OnDemand!