Officer O'Leary, Sergeant Maaka and Officer Minogue in Wellington Paranormal

Wellington Paranormal
Season 2 starts Wednesday 16 October at 8.30pm on TVNZ 2

New Zealand’s favourite supernatural investigators are back on the beat!

Wellington Paranormal Officers Minogue (Mike Minogue), O’Leary (Karen O’Leary) and Sergeant Maaka (Maaka Pohatu) are solving cases that are out of this world.

Season 2 of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s What We Do In The Shadows spinoff, starts with a trip to the beach when local anglers start disappearing around Wellington Harbour in mysterious circumstances.

Sergeant Maaka has a theory which he’s not telling anyone but it does involve some sort of… sea beast. Could this be a soggy end for the Paranormal team?

Guest starring Tom Sainsbury (Educators) and Jason Hoyte (Nothing Trivial).

Eleanor Tomlinson and Rafe Spall in The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds
Starts Sunday 13 October at 8.30pm on TVNZ 1

Eleanor Tomlinson and Rafe Spall lead the cast alongside Robert Carlyle and Rupert Graves in the first British television adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic novel.

Set in Edwardian England, this new adaptation of the first alien invasion story in literature follows George and his partner Amy as they attempt to defy society and start a life together.

Rupert Graves is Frederick, George's elder brother, and Robert Carlyle plays Ogilvy, an astronomer and scientist. The War of the Worlds tells their story as they face the escalating terror of an alien invasion, fighting for their lives against an enemy beyond their comprehension.

DI Rachel Carey and Shaun Emery in The Capture

The Capture
Full season available Monday 14 October at 12pm on TVNZ OnDemand

In a post-truth world, can we really believe what we see?

When soldier Shaun Emery's conviction for murder is overturned because of flawed video evidence, he returns to life as a free man.

But when damning CCTV footage from a night out in London comes to light, his life takes a shocking turn - and he must fight for his freedom once again.

DI Rachel Carey is drafted in to investigate the case, but she quickly learns that the truth can be a matter of perspective in this thrilling conspiracy drama. 

The cast of Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps
Season 2 starts Thursday 17 October at 12pm on TVNZ OnDemand

Everyone’s five favourite WAGs are back!

Playing For Keeps returns with more shocks, more frocks and a whole new set of adventures for the ladies of the Southern Jets.

When the girlfriend of the team’s brand new superstar recruit lands at the club and immediately starts causing waves, the women must band together to protect the team, their partners and each other.

Rebuilding their lives after the devastating events of season 1, it’s time for a new direction for our five fabulous WAGs and the men in their lives!

Debra Lampshire in I Am

I Am
Season 2 starts Tuesday 15 October at 8.30pm on TVNZ 1

I Am tells the real-life events of people whose experiences are unique and diverse. These are their stories, in their own words, taking viewers on a powerfully affecting journey and providing insight into worlds many of us will never be privy to.

This is a collection of intensely personal first-hand accounts from New Zealanders who have lived in, or currently inhabit the margins of our society. 

This series is a genuine exploration of our society, and all the very different people that make it so rich and diverse.

Have You Been Paying Attention?
Returns Wednesday 16 October at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2

Have You Been Paying Attention? is back for another round of testing New Zealand’s comedy talent in a battle of wits each week.

Regulars Urzila and Vaughan will showcase their current affairs prowess alongside three rotating guests, unpacking the hot topics of the week: politics, sports, pop culture news and international affairs to test just who’s been paying attention!

Catch the hilarious return of this brilliant local series on TVNZ 2!

The Basement

The Basement
Full season available Thursday 17 October at 12pm on TVNZ OnDemand

The Basement is a New Zealand psychological horror series which follows Sam Taggart, a young woman who, upon returning to her place of birth, hopes to uncover answers about the death of her mother.

But in meeting her hosts, Sam begins to suspect that they have ulterior motives.

Over the course of a single night friendships are tested, people will do unspeakable things and the horrifying truth behind the reunion is revealed...

Raw Recruits

Raw Recruits
Starts Wednesday 16 October at 8.30pm on DUKE

45 teenagers from across Europe are embarking on a unique and intensive military training course. They’ll spend the next 23 weeks being transformed from civilians into Britain’s youngest soldiers.

Cut off from family and friends, the demands of army life are high. Gruelling 16 hour days are standard, with lessons in weapon handling, marching and challenging field exercises to contend with.

Not everyone will make it through. But for some this is the first step to a life-long dream career with the British Army.

Comrie and McCaw in Dog Squad

Dog Squad
Returns Tuesday 15 October at 7.30pm on TVNZ 1

Dog Squad returns with an action packed 10th series showcasing dedicated dog teams from Police, Corrections, Customs, Biosecurity New Zealand and the Department of Conservation. 

Season 10 continues to provide viewers with remarkable insights as we follow the work of highly skilled dog teams as they halt criminal activity, protect our borders, sniff out contraband and detect native species!

Constable Andrew Tarr in Highway Cops

Highway Cops
Returns Tuesday 15 October at 8pm on TVNZ 1

Highway Cops is back! Follow the efforts of our highway patrol officers as they strive to educate and protect everyone on New Zealand’s roads.

In a first for Highway Cops we join Constables Owen Davies and Andrew Tarr in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. It’s a dream location for a vacation and maybe that’s what thieves have in mind...

We also return to the breath-taking highways of Southland and Central Otago where police are never surprised by the sights they see.