Dragstars Kita Mean and Anita Wigl'it are back to host the second season of House of Drag

House Of Drag
Stream from Saturday 1st February on TVNZ OnDemand

Another nine dragstars are back in the hopes of winning the $10k prize and the title of the brightest star in the house!

Hosted by Kita Mean and Anita Wigl’it, the series is back with even more outrageous challenges, twists and turns!

With the challenge winning dragstar each week deciding who’s in the bottom two, will it be friendships or strategies at play this time around…?

Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) stars as Katy Keene in this bubbly new series.

Katy Keene
Stream From Friday 7th February on TVNZ OnDemand

From the creators of Riverdale comes this hotly anticipated new series! Starring Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) as Katy Keene and Ashleigh Murray reprising her role as Josie McCoy from the show, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Set five years after Riverdale (starring New Zealand’s own KJ Apa), Katy Keene follows the lives and loves of four Archie Comics characters, including fashion legend-to-be Katy Keene and singer-songwriter Josie McCoy. Watch as they chase their twenty-something dreams in New York City while juggling the, trials, and tribulations, of trying to make it in the spotlight.

Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) stars as Katy Keene, with Ashleigh Murray reprising her role as Josie McCoy from Riverdale.

Join Hayley, Urzila, Vaughan and their variety of special guests in for the return of Have You been Paying Attention

Have You Been Paying Attention
Wednesday 5th February, 8.30PM on TVNZ2 

TVNZ 2’s hit local comedy quiz show is back for 2020, spinning headlines into punchlines at a pace like no other!

Join Hayley, Urzila, Vaughan and other guest comedians unpacking the hot topics of the week; from politics to pop culture, nothing is off-limits in this hilarious series!

2020 promises to bring even bigger laughs, bringing viewers a totally fresh way to digest the week’s news. 

Sarah Parish returns as Elizabeth Bancroft in the crime thriller Bancroft

Monday 3rd February, 9pm on TVNZ1

Crime thriller Bancroft is back with a brand-new season!

Elizabeth Bancroft returns on a professional high as chief of a merged police service. However, left estranged from her beloved son and facing mounting pressure from her dangerous criminal deals, success has come at a high price. When a disturbing double murder brings her personal and professional life crashing together, she must confront a new enemy.

Elton John celebrates receiving the first ever Brits Icon award.

Brits Icon: Elton John
Thursday 6th February, 7.30pm 

Join us as we celebrate an international icon!

Watch as the legendary Sir Elton John wins the first ever Brits Icon award, in a gala concert which marks his stage return after surgery for appendicitis.

He'll also perform some of his greatest hits, from I’m Still Standing, Philadelphia Freedom, Tiny Dancer and of course, Your Song.

Follow six baby animals as they face their first year in the wild.

First Year On Earth
Tuesday 4th Febrauary, 8pm on TVNZ1

In this breath-taking new series, follow six baby animals as they face their first year in the wild. 

In episode 2, a three-month-old sea otter pup has to learn what is safe to eat in a world enmeshed with humans; a seven-month-old macaque is forced by his mother to toughen up to stay on top; and a five-month-old elephant has a limited window to meet and bond with new families.

The animal babies are rapidly growing into their abilities, but every day brings new challenges to their success!

Timothée Chalamet stars in this romantic LGBT classic

Call Me By Your Name
Saturday 1st February, 9.10pm on TVNZ1

Begin this Pride Month with the critically aclaimed romantic-drama Call Me By Your Name on TVNZ 1.

Timothée Chalamet (Lady Bird) and Armie Hammer (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) star in this romantic coming-of-age classic about a boy who falls for his father's research assistant over one hot summer in 1980s Italy.

Soon, they discover the encounter will alter their lives forever.

Charlotte is a sucker for romance and ready to find her true love this week on The Undateables

The Undateables
Monday 3rd February, 8.30PM on TVNZ2 

Award-winning series The Undateables is back, packed with uplifting stories of remarkable singletons who are looking for love. From suave bachelor James who has Down's syndrome, to film buff Charlotte, who is a sucker for romance, and Mitch, who's stylish and confident in his appearance but not so self-assured... watch as they embark on their search for love.

In a world where first impressions are everything, finding love can be tricky.

Sarah Benney the Queen of property renovation is back for another season of Renovate Don't relocate

Sarah Beeney's Renovate Don't Relocate
Saturday 1st February, 3.25pm on TVNZ1 

The Queen of property renovation and advice is back, and she wants you to renovate rather than relocate!

7 out of 10 British residents believe their homes are dysfunctional and the answer is to sell up and move. But renovator, businesswoman and property expert Sarah Beeny proves that the potential answer is to make the space you already have work harder – and smarter.

Join Sarah Beeney for this brilliant new series in which she visits twenty problem homes across Britain. Using monitoring cameras, life-size floor plans and experincing the spaces herself - she creates new layouts and design ideas which means families can renovate, not relocate.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo, Ethan Browne and Rob Kipa-Williams are some of the familiar kiwi faces in this season of Home and Away

Home And Away
From Monday 3rd February, 5.30pm 

Get ready for more exciting and intense drama as the 2020 season of Home And Away kicks off this summer with a one hour launch episode!

At the conclusion of 2019, Summer Bay residents were struck with tragedy as a hospital seige resulted in a hostage situation, and the loss of a beloved character.

As the new season rolls in, residents of Summer Bay must confront their struggles, mend relationships  that have reached breaking point and welcome a new family - with a Kiwi connection!

Don't miss an epic start to a thrilling new season of Home And Away!


Brace yourself for the extra paranormal in the latest Paranormal Caught On Camera

Paranormal Caught On Camera
Tuesday 4th February, 8.30pm 

Be prepared for unnerving accounts of poltergeist activity, UFOs and even Sasquatch encounters!

Some of the most amazing, eye-opening, and downright scary paranormal videos from around the world are featured in this eerie new series on TVNZ 2.

Plus, a panel of experts will break down footage and analyze what exactly the eyewitnesses have captured.

Insights from some of the most knowledgeable specialists in the field and firsthand accounts from the people lucky enough, or perhaps unlucky enough, to witness this strange phenomena themselves just might make you a believer!

Thomas Jane stars in this gritty tale of vengeance and redemption

The Punisher
Tuesday 4th February, 8.30pm on TVNZ Duke

Thomas Jane stars as Frank Castle aka The Punisher, one of Marvel's top-selling comic characters in this gritty tale of vengeance and redemption.

Special agent Castle is about to leave the FBI when an operation goes wrong and the son of underworld bigwig Howard Saint (John Travolta) is killed.

The vengeful Saint engineers the murder of Castle's family, forcing Castle into a fierce ongoing battle with Saint and his thugs, and The Punisher is born.

This Is Not Revenge. It's Punishment!