Set in the outer-west working class Melbourne suburb of the same name, Sunshine is a compelling four-part crime drama following Jacob, a promising young South Sudanese-Australian basketball player on the cusp of greatness.

With his team falling behind and in need of leadership, Jacob enlists hardened former NBA player Eddy (Anthony LaPaglia), whose school of hard knocks style offers a glimmer of hope for his athletic dreams.

But when a white teenage girl from a wealthy suburb is assaulted, Jacob gets caught up in the ensuing police investigation. The mystery must be gradually unravelled by a sympathetic lawyer (Melanie Lynskey).

Balancing gripping crime drama with a moving take on the Australian immigrant experience, Sunshine is a nail-biter on and off the court as the truth of Jacob’s involvement is revealed.

With the young cast primarily made up of non-professional actors, expect raw, gritty performances and gut-wrenching realism to tell a complex and nuanced story of hope and heartbreak.

Watch the full mini-series here.