The United States of Tara

Acclaimed actress Toni Collette shows off her range as a suburban mother with split personalities in dark comedy The United States of Tara.

From the outside, Tara Gregson (Toni Collette, Muriel's Wedding, Little Miss Sunshine) seems like every other suburban mum, taking care of her two children, loving husband (John Corbett, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and self-absorbed younger sister (Rosemarie DeWitt, Mad Men).

But there’s more to Tara than meets the eye – much more.

Living with a condition called Dissociative Identity Disorder, Tara can, at a moment’s notice, find herself taken over by one of her multiple personalities.

There’s T, a feisty 15-year-old party girl; Buck, a beer-swilling, gun-loving redneck; Alice, a conservative, cake-baking homemaker; Shoshanna, a radical second-wave feminist; and Gimme, who is not so much a person as the manifestation of all of Tara’s rage.

While Tara has long made the choice to use medication to keep her condition at bay, however, she begins to feel that this is suppressing her artistic instincts – and decides to let her alter-egos loose on her friends and family.

Created by Diablo Cody, known best for razor sharp comedies like Juno, Jennifer’s Body and Tully, and winning Toni Collette an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her performances, The United States of Tara is a darkly hilarious look at a life less ordinary.

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