Rogue cops run rampant in Los Angeles in the classic television crime drama The Shield.

Before Breaking Bad’s Walter White; Before Mad Men’s Don Draper; Before House of Cards' Frank Underwood there was… Detective Vic Mackey.

Thought to be one of television’s first – and most iconic – antiheroes, the corrupt cop (played by Michael Chiklis) infamously took the law into his own hands and played by his own rules, leading an experimental division within the Los Angeles police department that often sunk to the same lows as the criminals it purported to catch.

Renowned for its stunning twists and high stakes, The Shield premiered in 2002 with what has been described as one of the most shocking pilot episodes ever – and over seven seasons changed the television landscape as we knew it.

An uncompromising look at the darker side of police life, The Shield is a modern television classic – and, with all seven seasons available on TVNZ OnDemand, the ideal winter binge watch.

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