Francis and Kaiora Tipene of The Casketeers.

Hilarious, heartfelt and surprisingly life-affirming, this local documentary series follows the staff and proprietors of Tipene Funerals as they make their living taking care of the dead.

“The funeral business is generally always busy” observes Francis Tipene, one half of the husband and wife team behind Onehunga’s Tipene Funerals. “Why? Because people always die.”

It’s quotes like this that epitomise the wry humour of The Casketeers, the fascinating and darkly funny show that has been described as an “instant Kiwi classic”.

Like a cross between Six Feet Under and The Office, this local gem expertly combines the harsh realities of mortality with the hilarious banality of workplace drama.

It’s a fine line, but one The Casketeers walks with ease as Francis, his wife Kaiora, and their staff negotiate the delicate world of death and grief with grace, love and plenty of humour.

Charming, cheeky and endlessly quotable, The Casketeers will make you laugh and cry – often at the same time.

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