A devotee of the paranormal must team up with a disbeliever to uncover the horrible – and hilarious – truth of the universe in Ghosted.

Leroy, a disgraced ex-cop turned mall security guard, is logical, rational and rooted firmly in the real world.

Max, a brilliant former college professor lambasted for his belief in the paranormal, thinks nothing of telling strangers that his wife was abducted by aliens.

They couldn't have less in common, but when both are recruited by mysterious government agency ‘The Bureau Underground’, the pair find themselves forced to work together – and in helping to investigate a series of unexplained events, discover that the universe holds more secrets than either could have imagined.

Starring Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) and Craig Robinson (The Office), Ghosted thrives on the chemistry of its two leads creating the perfect off-beat odd-couple comedy. 

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