Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook: Cracking the Code

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest and most powerful private corporations, turning our lives – and our data – into vast profit. Facebook: Cracking the Code goes inside this phenomenon to uncover the true cost of our growing social media addiction.

From its humble beginnings as an experiment concocted in creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room, to its rapid growth to become one of the most powerful companies in the world, the social media giant is put under the spotlight in Facebook: Cracking the Code, to uncover an operation that could threaten the very foundations of democracy.

With targeted ads, data tracking and fake news all hitting the headlines more and more frequently, Facebook has been the target growing criticism for its lack of transparency and mysterious use of user’s personal data.

A fascinating and insightful look at a business model that stands to make billions from accessing and exploiting user’s personal information, Facebook: Cracking the Code examines the inner-workings of the secretive company – and the heavy price we may be paying to be a part of it.

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