Cats Uncovered

Ever wondered what kind of mischief your cat gets into when you're not looking? Find out just what your favourite furry friends are really up to with fascinating three-part BBC documentary series Cats Uncovered.

As any cat lover knows, our fluffy friends have quite a few quirks: Affectionate one minute then aloof the next, they are beloved around the world for their beauty, grace and charm - as well as an enchanting aura of mystery.

Delving into the still largely unknown world of our feline friends, Cats Uncovered enlists some of the world’s top cat experts to undertake a ground-breaking study into cat behaviour, and help reveal just what goes on when humans aren’t around.

Following 100 cats from three very different environments – city cats, village cats, farm cats – and fitting them with miniaturised GPS collars usually used to study large cats like Lions and Tigers, Cats Uncovered combines fascinating case studies with expert analysis to reveal just what complex creatures they are.

Literally giving you a cat’s eye view of the world, Cats Uncovered offers a captivating, compelling and extremely cute look into the lives of one of the most popular pets on the planet – and will have you looking at your furry friend in a very different light.

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