Sean Bean delivers a heart-breaking performance as priest struggling to make a difference in his parishioners’ lives while coming to terms with his own disturbing past, in captivating drama Broken.

For Father Michael Kerrigan, a catholic priest in an impoverished working-class town in the North-West of England, community is everything - and he will go above and beyond to help them.

Yet despite all the good he does for others, a dark past looms large over Father Kerrigan – and as his efforts to support his parishioner's lives go sadly awry, so too does his own fragile sense of self begin to unravel.

Exploring issues of faith, loneliness and redemption, Broken is a sensitive, carefully composed, and deeply human portrait of a man haunted by demons that threaten to destroy the faith he holds so dear.

Yet while Broken deals with some challenging and sometimes disturbing themes, it is as much about the magnitude of small moments of kindness as it is about those which leave devastation in their wake.

Starring Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones), his BAFTA winning performance has been described by The Guardian as “thoughtful, subtle and ultimately mesmerising” and widely agreed to be a career best for the actor.

Heart-wrenching, harrowing and utterly compelling, Broken is an unforgettable and rewarding drama that will cut you to the core.

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