Soapy, scandalous and irresistibly addictive, Famous In Love is a modern take on a fairy tale - only this time Cinderella’s pumpkin is a limousine.   

When an ordinary college student lands a role in a Hollywood blockbuster, it seems like all her dreams are coming true: beautiful people, glitz and glamour and a role alongside Hollywood’s biggest heartthrob.

But, for Famous In Love’s Paige, stardom brings with it a new set of complications.

Thrust into a world of makeovers, love triangles and sordid secrets, she must quickly learn to juggle friends, family, school and – of course – romance. Caught up in the real-life dramas of her new Hollywood peers, Paige must decide if stardom is really all its cracked up to be.

From the creator of Pretty Little Liars and starring Disney alum Bella Thorne, Famous In Love is a compelling, compulsive and completely addictive guilty pleasure.

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