Each week, we take a look at some of our favourite offbeat shows that might not have made it onto your radar.

In Angry, White & American, award-winning Guardian journalist Gary Younge flips the script on reporting your typical documentary about racism in the United States of America, only talking to white Americans.

Gary explores the thoughts and feelings of those suffering from falling living standards, decreasing life expectancy and a demographic time-bomb that could see them become a minority within a generation, and how that has sent these white Americans into an angry retreat and the dissolve of the American Dream.

Just one week before the horrific events of the Charlottesville rallies Gary attends the American Renaissance Conference and meets with Richard Spencer, the self -styled leader of the “alt right”. Gary holds Spencer to account in an explosive exchange and attempts to get under the skin of his controversial views.

Elsewhere, Gary examines the economic fallout of capitalism and how it’s fuelling racial resentment in places like Johnsonville, Pennsylvania. The statistics have stated that white Americans are the only demographic with a declining life-expectancy – claimed by drugs, suicide, and alcohol. Communities are dying of despair. Can bringing back jobs enough to help dying communities recover?

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