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Before Al Capone, before Bugsy Siegel, before there was even a mob, there was just one man – Arnold Rothstein. This is the start of a detailed, shocking and thrilling story of some of the most dangerous people in US history: the men who inspired, organised and killed for the American Mafia. This is Mafia’s Greatest Hits.

From Al Capone to Crazy Joey, Rothstein schooled the founders of the American Mafia. Taking a step back to the early 1900s this series looks at revered mobsters like Albert Anastasia, Vincent Gigante, Dutch Schultz and, of course, Capone himself – America’s first superstar gangster.

Featuring interviews with the FBI agents and the cops who brought America's most wanted down, this series gives first hand testimony of how law enforcement fought the mob for almost a century.

Dramatic reconstructions hold no punches as the America Mafia resort to anything to keep their grip on wealth and power.

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