Each week, we take a look at some of our favourite offbeat shows that might not have made it onto your radar.

Focusing on a real and relevant issue affecting the world, The State is a powerful and hard-hitting  dramatisation about four young British men and women who leave their lives behind and pledge allegiance to ISIS in Syria.

Though fictional, this National Geographic drama has been extensively researched. Show creator Peter Kosminsky spent 18 months investigating life in Syria before beginning production.

Journeying through the differing perspectives of the four characters –  Shakira, Jalal, Ushna, and Ziyaad – you watch them take their oaths of allegiance to ISIS, convinced they’ve made the right decision to travel to Syria. They are soon confronted by the harsh realities of life under ISIS, which doesn’t quite match their expectations.

The State’s dialogue is predominantly English, with occasional use of subtitles. An interesting addition to the filmography is the use of subtle translations for commonly used religious terms.  

The State may not fully answer the question as to why so many young people from around the world, especially from the UK convert to Jihadism, but it provides a fascinating insight all the same.


You can watch the full season of The State right here.