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This documentary tells the incredible and fated story of Zahed of Iran and Najah of Iraq in a war where they had no choice but to fight. These two former enemies from the Iran-Iraq War became blood brothers for life in My Enemy, My Brother.

Twenty-five years after one saves the other’s life on the battlefield, these two soldiers are reunited by pure chance, half-way across the world, living in Vancouver, Canada.

For Najah, war cost him 17 years of his life. It started when he was 17 years old and joined the army, later becoming a prisoner of war. He returns to Basra, where he grew up, to see long lost relatives and to piece together moments of his time at war.

Zaheh says he lost everything during the war. He was just 13 years old when he ran away from home to join the army. Also a prisoner of war, Zaheh now struggles with the failing health of family and is desperate to see them again but unable to enter Iraq due to political reasons.

“War is cancer. It permeates through all my bones” – Zahed.

My Enemy, My Brother not only brings together a lost bond that helped save these two men’s lives, but it also grippingly documents the severity of war, its punishment on its people, its communities, its countries. 

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