We've introduced viewer profiles, giving everyone in your household their own unique viewing space.

Now you can have up to 5 different profiles on your account so you, your partner, your kids or your flatmate can add shows to their own favourites list.

You can also pick up a show where you left off, not where someone else did!

Profiles make it easier than ever to provide a safe viewing space for children, with their own profiles and dedicated homepages.

We've catered content to either pre-schoolers or 5-12 year olds, so the whole family can enjoy their own shows, worry-free! Only G-rated content is available in these profiles, with parents able to opt-in to allow PG children's content for kids of 5-12 years.

Profiles are available on web, iOS/Android mobile apps, PS4, Xbox One, LG, Panasonic, Android TV, Apple TV and newer Samsung TV models.

To find out more please refer to our FAQs!

See profiles in action in the video below: