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The Boulet Brothers: Dragula


The Boulet Brothers: Dragula
The Boulet Brothers host a talent show, to earn the title of Dragula, the World's First Drag Supermonster. These queens will do anything for the crown.

Strap on your seat belt and gear up for a rollercoaster ride with the lads of Boystown. Nothing is off limits here!

Fabulousness isn't something you can find in a guidebook... Accompanied by industry experts, these travellers are on the hunt for the world's best city, based on flair, energy, flavour and shine.

Kitty 911
Follow a passionate group of volunteers, working for Vancouver's Kitten Rescue Association, a registered charity dedicated to saving cats.

Knock Knock Ghost
A comedian, his assistant, and a psychic medium search for proof of the afterlife in some of Canada's most haunted locations, all while keeping a sense of humour.

Rough or Smooth
Paul du Toit and Terence Bridgett travel to some remarkable and eclectic places, uncovering another side of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

Two Men in a Boat: Chasing Spring
Life partners Derek and Jeremy travel the Western coast of the UK in a motored yacht, chasing the seasonal progress of spring.


Hometown Pornstar
Pornography is a homegrown industry, but where do the stars come from? People in your neighbourhood could be more famous than you know...

It Runs in the Family
Jay Cabalu travels to America and The Philippines. to connect with his estranged queer cousins. All raised in strict Roman Catholic households, the family share their surprising and heartwarming coming out stories. 

Our society imbues a man's testicles with the constructs of masculinity, sexuality, virility and overall male-hood. Take a closer look the body part most associated with manhood, and what happens when that's taken away. 

OUTspoken: Pride on the Tundra

Pride on the Tundra
Nunavut is a small Arctic community in Northern Canada. Recently a small group of locals decided decided to hold an LGBTQ pride celebration in the town.

Drag Becomes Him
Jinkx Monsoon is an internationally acclaimed drag performer, and winner of RuPaul's drag race. Drag Becomes Him offers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look into Jinkx's life. 

That Man, Peter Berlin
Documentary chronicling the life of Peter Berlin, 1970s gay icon and porn star. Berlin tells his stories in a series of candid interviews, with comments from other artists, writers and photographers he worked with.

The Guy with the Knife
The story of an unlikely friendship between a gay rights activist and a convicted murderer, set against the backdrop of the harsh Texas justice system.

Undercover Egypt
British investigative journalist Natasha Wheatley goes undercover, to tackle the taboo subjects of gender, politics and sexuality in post revolutionary Egypt.