Shortland Street character Sass, her fate is unknown.

Shortland Street
Returns Monday 15 January, 7pm on TVNZ 2

Shortland Street is back for another year of life, love and drama at NZ's favourite hospital.

The jaw-dropping 2017 cliffhanger saw the Warner family in crisis when Mason Coutts returned to seek revenge. 

Who lives, who dies? Find out when Shortland Street returns, with a special hour-long episode. 

Robbie Coltrane in National Treasure

National Treasure
Starts Tuesday 16 January, 8.30pm on TVNZ 1

What happens when a much-loved comedian is accused of rape dating back two decades? 

This gripping drama goes behind the headlines, to look at the emotional impact when someone's whole life is called into question. 

Starring Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters. 

Gate to the Globe host, Tim Lambourne.

Gate to the Globe
Starts Wednesday 17 January, 8pm on TVNZ 1

Tennis balls at Wimbledon, wine in Budapest, wagyu steak in Dubai, ice cream in Hanoi and oysters in New York.

They all have one thing in common, they originate from farms operated by New Zealand Maori. 

Hosted by Tim Lambourne, Gate to the Globe tracks the success stories of Maori exports across the globe.


Instant Hotel host Luke Jacobz, and judge Juliet Ashworth.

Instant Hotel
Starts Tuesday 16 January, 8.30pm on TVNZ 2

Tapping into the worldwide trend of Airbnb, these Aussie homeowners are renting out their houses as holiday accommodation. 

The teams then score each other on location, attractions, value for money and quality of sleep. 

As the contestants soon find out, not everyone shares the same ideas about good taste!

Expedition New Earth

Premium Documentaries on Demand

Expedition New Earth: Steven Hawking and a team of engineers reach for the stars, in the hopes of discovering a new world.

21st Century Race for Space: Take a look at some of the latest, boldest efforts to put humans in space.

Barbie: The Most Popular Doll in the World: The little doll that has reached every corner of the world. Mary Portas investigates the Barbie phenomenon.

Trust Me I'm a Robot: Eccentric inventor David McGoran is on a mission to change to human fear of the machine. 

The Tipene family in Casketeers.

The Casketeers
Starts Saturday 13 January, 7pm on TVNZ 1

You'll laugh, you'll cry... you might even consider a career in funeral directing. 

The Casketeers follows the fortunes of Francis and Kaiora from Tipene Funerals, two of the most passionate proprietors you'll ever meet.

This new local series lifts the lid on this little-explored but vital service, revealing for the first time what goes on behind the scenes. 


Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf in The Two Towers.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Sunday 14 January, 7pm on TVNZ 1

The quest to destroy the ring continues... 

Frodo and Sam edge closer to Mordor, with the help of shifty Gollum. 

Meanwhile, the divided fellowship makes a stand against Sauron's new allies.