Sometimes the toughest part about finding a show you like is the wait between episodes and seasons!

Fear not, we've pulled together five dramas with full seasons available right now on TVNZ OnDemand. Some of them even have multiple seasons.

If drama isn't your cuppa, you can see our list of shows with full seasons here.

Fair warning, some of these shows are addictive, so don't blame us if you get hooked!

Doctor Foster

Doctor Gemma Foster seems to have it all. A loving family in her husband Simon and son Tom.

She has plenty of close friends that come from living in a small town for 15 years, and a senior role at the local medical practice.

When she finds a blonde hair on an item of Simon’s clothing, her following investigation reveals information that could unravel her life as she knows it.

But what comes after the betrayal? In season 2, we join Gemma and the residents of Parminster two years after the explosive season 1 finale.

Watch if you like: Drama with a bit of thriller thrown in the mix. Happy Valley and The Replacement spring to mind.

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Brothers Jean and Martin Bastierre live very different lives. Both hailing from France, they have been estranged for years.

Jean lives in London with a young family, cleaning crime scenes for work. He’s the best in the business. Martin, forever a cruiser, has turned to a life of petty crime.

When Martin turns up unannounced looking for help, he springs a course of events into action that ultimately lands both brothers in the middle of organised crime.

Together they must face their dark pasts and volatile present.

Watch if you like: Classics like Dexter and Breaking Bad. Probably helps if you're not squeamish!

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Queen Sugar

The Bordelon siblings

Based on the book by Natalie Baszile of the same name, Queen Sugar is brought to life by filmmakers Ava DuVernay, Melissa Carter and executive producer Oprah Winfrey.

Estranged siblings Nova, Charley and Ralph Bordelon return to Louisiana to inherit the family sugarcane farm following a recent tragedy.

Each coming with their own set of baggage, will the siblings be able to come together to run the 800-acre farm, or will the cracks start to show?

Watch if you like: Family drama's like This Is Us, 800 Words and Greenleaf.

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The Level 

Nancy Devlin, a detective with the National Crime Divison, is present at the murder of Frank Le Saux.

At work, Nancy is assigned to investigate the murder of the corrupt businessman. It comes to light that a key witness is missing.

Nancy now must investigate the murder without revealing that she was there.

To make matters worse, Nancy’s history with Le Saux extends further back than her bosses realise.

What ensues is a dangerous web of secrets and lies. Can Nancy navigate this situation without getting caught?

Watch if you like: Crime dramas with strong characters like CSI, SVU and Law and Order.

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The Replacement

Ellen (left) & maternity cover Paula (right)

Ellen is in her mid-thirties and at the top of her game. She’s a successful architect that is valued highly by her firm.

A surprise, but welcome pregnancy puts her immediate plans of becoming a partner on hold.

She finds maternity cover in Paula. Paula is brilliant, enthusiastic and returning to work after taking 10 years off to raise a child.

It doesn’t take long for Ellen to become uneasy though. Paula begins seeing her clients behind her back, and she has an unnerving obsession with Ellen’s pregnancy.

Ellen begins to feel as though she is actively being replaced…

Watch if you like: Thrillers like Bate's Motel and Apple Tree Yard.

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