We've pulled together a range of documentaries focussing on events past, present and potentially future all over the globe.

Each documentary has a full seasons worth of content, perfect for those hunting for a slice of real life.

Our catalogue of shows with full seasons is always growing. See our current list of full seasons here.

Robbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence

Due to the fact that most victims of murder knew the person that killed them, homicide is generally a straightforward crime for investigators to solve.

But what happens when there are no leads, no suspects and very little evidence?

Join Robbie Coltrane as he delves into some of the toughest murder cases to ever face the British police, and looks at the evidence and police work undertaken to ensure the culprits landed behind bars.

The eight-part series has just landed on TVNZ OnDemand and can be watched in full right here.

Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End

Doomsday is defined as the last day of the world’s existence.

The concept of the apocalypse has featured historically in theology, folklore and more recently in popular culture. But just how exactly will the world end?

This series of short documentaries discusses some of the ways in which the human race, and in some cases the planet, could come to its conclusion.

Nuclear war? An alien invasion? An asteroid striking the planet in the same fashion that ended the reign of the dinosaurs?

These are all possibilities that are explored in this fascinating 10-part series.

Watch the full season here.

The Vietnam War

There is no single truth in war, a statement that is explored in depth in the epic 10-part, 18 hour documentary The Vietnam War.

Award winning director Ken Burns and long-time collaborator Lynn Novick have constructed an almost 360 degree view of the war by using testimony from almost 100 individuals from either side of the controversial conflict.

Accompanying the eye-witness accounts is rare, digitally re-mastered archival footage and an original score created by Atticus Ross and Nine-Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor.

Each episode focusses on a different period of time during the war and can be viewed stand-alone or together to paint a whole picture of the war.

All 10 episodes are available here now.

Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia

With a population of nearly 150 million people, Russia is the largest country on the planet.

With relations between the West and the former Soviet Union the worst they’ve been since the cold war, Reggie Yates jets to Russia to find out what life is like for the young people living there.

The three-part series sees Reggie visit three very different communities:

In Far Right and Proud Reggie travels to Moscow and gets up close and personal with the nationalists. He immerses himself in their world, training with knife-wielding nationalists, Putin idolising artists and teenage neo Nazis. Reggie also hears horror stories from non-Russians living in fear of vicious racist attacks.

In Gay and Under Attack Reggie sets out to discover what life is like for the LGBT community in what has been described as the hardest place to be Gay in Europe. He also meets Vitali Milonov, the politician responsible for the Anti Propaganda Law that targets the LGBT community.

In Teen Model Factory Reggie travels along the Trans-Siberian railway, a pilgrimage undertaken by talent scouts who are searching the frigid landscape for fresh modelling talent. Reggie finds out what the scouts consider talent before meeting the young girls and boys (some as young as 5) who are training, and in some cases starving themselves, in order to get noticed. 

Behind Bars: Rookie Year

Welcome to the Penitentiary of New Mexico, a men’s maximum security prison operated by the New Mexico Corrections Department.

The prison is home to some of the country’s most violent criminals, and to some of the freshest correctional officers.

The penitentiary has a massive staff turnaround that comes with the harsh pressure officers face daily.

This series follows a brand new class of correctional officers as they take part in their 60-day probationary period. Each episode follows them as they take on a new, and potentially life-threatening task.

Statistically only one in four of these trainees will complete their probationary period, which begs the question, who has the substance to make it to the end?

Watch seasons 1 and 2 right here.