Built to Shred

Fuel TV is dedicated to the culture and lifestyle of action sports, including skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, motocross and wakeboarding.

Here are the first full seasons coming to OnDemand, premiering Sunday 1 July at midday.

Built to Shred

Take a front-row seat as host Jeff King dreams up and creates the most elaborate and challenging obstacles for skateboarders, surfers and other action-sports athletes to shred on.

Drive Thru Australia

Drive, surf and travel the coastlines of Australia with Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherley and Pat O'Connell. From kangaroos to sky diving, golfing to shark scares, don't miss all the hilarious hijinks and incredible surfing.


Get up close and personal with today's top action sports athletes! Experience the daily lives of big names like surfer Donavon Frankenreiter, skateboarder Chris Cole, Kiwi wakeboarder Jeff Weatherall and motocross rider Ashley Fiolek.

Fuel TV presents Camp Woodward

Young skaters and BMXers attend a specialty summer camp to learn tricks and tips from some of the biggest stars in extreme sports. Egos clash as the students try to perfect their skills and turn pro.


A high-adrenaline, action-packed extreme sports show featuring snowboarding, surfing and much more!



This high-adrenaline series is dedicated to the lifestyle, personalities and locations of wakeboarding and wakeskating.

The Moto: Inside the Outdoors

Every summer, the best riders from around the world battle the heat, the tracks and each other in the Motocross Championship summer races. Motocross producer Troy Adamitis takes viewers behind the scenes of these gruelling races to meet the racers who risk all competing in the series.

Camp James

Join Trinidad James as he unboxes and reviews the freshest kicks and meets other sneaker fanatics.

Maverick Moments

Get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access into the lives of the world's top big wave surfers as they travel the world surfing the biggest swells they can find.

The Kickback

Steezus, John Columbo, DanO and their special guests break down current events and trending topics in the sneaker world.

More Fuel TV shows will premiere each month!