The Defoe family in The Split

The Split

If you like the themes of family, love and loyalty in Queen Sugar, The Split could be your next favourite show.

It follows a family of fierce female divorce lawyers as they navigate love, life and their relationships with eachother.

As well as being packed full of tense familial moments, it looks at the high-profile world of divorce law in London and all the scandal that goes along with it.

The Guardian calls this drama a “gorgeously slick, witty and thoroughly grown-up tale”.

Season one is available to stream here



If American drama is more your thing, Claws could be the answer to your all your TV wishes.

It’s a dark, wickedly funny series following a group of diverse and badass women working in a Florida nail salon. 

These feisty manicurists will do anything to make ends meet and find themselves mixed up in the criminal underworld.

Come for the bright colours and the bling, but stay for the high-drama and kick ass cast. Yass Queens!

Stream seasons 1 & 2 right here.



If you’ve never watched Wentworth, now is the perfect time to start (but also where have you been?).

Between its amazing villains, shocking cliffhangers and cast of no-nonsense and gutsy characters, this show does not hold back.

It’s brutal at times but 100% addictive – so lock yourself up and throw away the key!

There are 5 full seasons ready to stream here, with new season 6 episodes added every week.


Killing Eve

Two fearless women collide in this modern spy thriller.

Sandra Oh plays Eve Polastri, a bored MI5 security officer who is tasked with hunting down a prolific female assassin called Villanelle (Doctor Foster’s Jodie Comer). 

It’s funny, fast-paced and psychologically complex with a cast that carries off the story with the finesse of a team of highly-trained killers. 

It also snagged Emmy nominations for lead actress Oh and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge and has been confirmed for a second season. 

Season 1 is available to stream here.



This classic Aussie dramedy is about family – but there’s a massive twist.

Three very different women are brought together when they discover they share the same father in the wake of a nationwide fertility scandal. 

Kiwi Antonia Prebble and Aussie actresses Maria Angelico and Lucy Durack are exceptional and form the beating heart of this show.

It’s witty, it’s modern and it will suck you right in. 

Stream all of season 1 here.


Coming soon: United States of Tara

Aussie actress Toni Collette reigns supreme in this US comedy drama about a suburban wife and mother who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

On any given day, any of her various personalities may appear – including a wild teen, a loud, beer-swilling Vietnam War veteran and a 1950s-style housewife.

It’s only one actress, but Collette makes it feel like there’s a whole cast of characters just waiting to wreak havoc on her long-suffering family.

There’s her husband Max, played by Sex and the City’s John Corbett, and her two teenage kids, played by Atypical’s Keir Gilchrist and Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson.

All three seasons will be available to stream from midday Saturday 1 September. Save it to your favourites now!