Saniyya Sidney and Mark-Paul Gosselaar in The Passage

The Passage – Premieres Tuesday 15 January on TVNZ OnDemand

Saved By The Bell’s Zack Morris looks a little different now… Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s latest series is a sci-fi action drama based on the best-selling book trilogy The Passage, by Justin Cronin.

Gosselaar plays Brad Wolgast, a Federal Agent tasked with bringing a child, Amy Bellafonte, to be a medical test subject at Project NOAH. But what starts as a simple directive, ends in an action-packed pursuit as Brad realises he must protect Amy at any cost.

The Casketeers – Returning Monday 14 January to TVNZ 1 and OnDemand 

New Zealand’s favourite funeral directors are back for another season! Join Francis, Kaiora and their staff at Tipene Funerals for another heart-warming look at an industry that is not often talked about.

While you’ll chuckle along with the team’s bickering and banter, you’ll also witness the genuine passion and respect they have for what they do.

Anna Friel and Callum Booth-Ford in Butterfly

Butterfly – Premieres Wednesday 16 January on TVNZ 1 and OnDemand

This three-part British drama revolves around 11-year-old Max, who was born male but identifies as female and wants to live as Maxine.

But her parents Vicky and Stephen, played by Anna Friel (Shameless) and Emmett J Scanlan (The Fall), fundamentally disagree on what is best for their transgender child.

Roswell, New Mexico – Premieres Wednesday 16 January, same day as the U.S. on TVNZ OnDemand 

If there’s been a Roswell-shaped hole in your life since the sci-fi teen drama finished in 2002, have we got good news for you!

Roswell, New Mexico is a re-imagining of the original series, following Liz Ortecho as she returns to her hometown 10 years after leaving and reconnects with her teenage crush Max Evans.

But Liz is unaware that Max and his siblings Isobel and Michael are aliens and are trying to keep their unearthly abilities hidden from the world.

Madeleine West, Annie Maynard, Isabelle Giovinazzo and Olympia Valance in Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps – Stream the full season from Friday 8 February on TVNZ OnDemand

This drama series is the Footballers Wives of Australia, following the glamourous and scandalous lives of a group of WAGs - the wives and girlfriends of AFL players.

As a new AFL season begins, the fictional Southern Jets are eager to prove themselves on the field after losing the grand final the year previously, but it’s their salacious personal dramas that often take centre stage.

The Aussie series has an all-star cast including Madeleine West (Neighbours), Isabella Giovinazzo (Home and Away), Olympia Valance (Neighbours) and Kiwi Miriama Smith (Filthy Rich).

Dynasties – Premieres Sunday 20 January on TVNZ 1 and OnDemand

Legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough returns to our screens with this highly ambitious five-part BBC series.

This time he is taking us deeper into the lives of some of the world’s most endangered animals, with each episode focusing on one of five animals: penguins, chimpanzees, lions, painted wolves and tigers.

Anna Paquin in Flack

Flack – Premieres Friday 22 February, same day as the U.S. and U.K. on TVNZ OnDemand

Labelled a ‘dark PR comedy drama’ by Deadline, this American series stars our very own Anna Paquin as a flack - a PR agent, who promotes, publicises and protects her clients in the maelstrom of a modern media-led society.

It’s her job to fix other people’s lives, despite the fact she is incapable of fixing her own.

It's sex, drugs and identity crises galore all handled by a woman who Paquin describes as “flawed, complicated and interesting.” 

Heartbreak Island – Coming soon to TVNZ OnDemand and TVNZ 2

If you think it’s hot now, just wait for February. Temperatures are set to rise again when Heartbreak Island returns for a second season!

A new group of heartbreakers are heading for a tropical Fijian island in the hopes of finding love or winning money – or maybe even both!

Who stay and who will stray? All the action will be available OnDemand first!

Ruth Wilson in Mrs Wilson

Mrs Wilson – Stream the full season from Friday 1 March on TVNZ OnDemand

This three-part British espionage drama is based on a true story. Set between the 1930s and 1960s it follows Alison Wilson, a woman who was happily married to spy-turned-author Alexander ‘Alec’ Wilson.

That is until he died unexpectedly and another Mrs Wilson contacted Alison claiming she was also Alec's wife.

The Affair actor Ruth Wilson takes on the role of Alison, her real-life grandmother, while Game of Thrones star Iain Glen plays her grandfather Alec.

Whiskey Cavalier – Coming soon to TVNZ 2 and OnDemand

It’s got action, it’s got comedy, it’s got two delightfully charismatic (not to mention incredibly good looking) leads – It’s Whiskey Cavalier, the new US series starring Scott Foley (Grey’s Anatomy) and Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead).

Foley plays FBI agent Will Chase (codename Whiskey Cavalier), who is struggling with a difficult break-up when he teams up with Cohan’s CIA Operative Francesca ‘Frankie’ Trowbridge (codename Fiery Tribune) to lead an interagency team of spies and ultimately save the world.