There is a lot to love about Love Island. It's got a sunny island location, risqué challenges, larger-than-life personalities, flirty banter (aka flanter), and sometimes-awkward one-on-one dates.

Now that Love Island UK and Australia have come to an end for the year, here are 7 ways you can get your reality fix on TVNZ OnDemand.

If you loved the island location try… Five Star Hotel

Five British celebrities converge on a Greek island to manage a luxury hotel and compete to win Employee of the Season. 

There might not be romance but there’s plenty of flirting, parties and some of your favourite reality stars like Joey Essex (The Only Way Is Essex), Holly Hagan (Geordie Shore) and Spencer Matthews (Made In Chelsea).

Stream season 1 right here.

The Fren family

If you loved the culture clash moments try… Travel Guides

Remember when Love Island Australia’s Erin couldn’t pronounce the word ‘tapas’ to a supermarket attendant in Spain? Well Travel Guides has an overload of these awkward cultural moments just waiting to be enjoyed.

Plus it has the hilarious Fren family, who end up in fits of laughter almost every episode. They are TV gold!

Stream season 2 in full here.

If you loved Brits searching for love try… A Year to Fall in Love

If it’s the pursuit of love you’re interested in, this series is for you. 

Over the course of a year 20 single Brits filmed every moment of their dating journey, using social media, dating apps and good old traditional face-to-face interaction to find a partner.

You’ll find yourself commiserating, celebrating and totally empathising with their forays into the modern dating world.

Stream the full season here.

If you loved the one-on-one dates try… First Dates Hotel

Combining an exotic location with genuine singles all looking to make a connection, First Dates Hotel sees Brits travel to France for the dinner date of a lifetime. 

There’s heart-warming moments, cringe-worthy lines and awkwardness aplenty.  

Stream season 1 here.


Stacy and Shayna in Heartbreak Island

If you loved the choice between love and money try… Heartbreak Island

A group of young Kiwi singles meet in Fiji, ready to play for love or money – or maybe a bit of both. 

The game tactics are vital as the hopeful singles aim to survive challenges, passion plays and eliminations – as well as the back-stabbing and blindsides that go along with all reality TV romances. 

But what’s more important, genuine feelings or a winning strategy? Dive in and find out.

Stream season 1 right here.

The lads of Bromans

If you loved the competition element try… Bromans

We loved the risqué challenges of Love Island and Bromans takes this idea to the next level. 

Eight British lads are transported back to Ancient Rome with their girlfriends in tow. They must battle to earn their place and impress the mighty Emperor or be banished from the city. 

After all, the only thing missing from Love Island was chariot racing…

Stream the full season here.

If you loved the chaos of multiple singles looking for love try… Bachelor In Paradise

If you are all about love triangles and romantic mayhem, Bachelor In Paradise will surely fill the gap. 

Contestants from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette meet in a tropical location, hoping for a second shot at love. 

It’s currently in its fifth season, with two episodes streaming each week express from the US.

We’ve also heard that our very own Kiwi Bachelor Jordan Mauger might make an appearance… but we’ll have to wait and see if the rumours are true.

Stream season 5 here, with new episodes Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7pm.