Sheldon: "I needed to get on the shuttle so I could escape this ridiculous planet. Spoiler alert, I'm still here." 

Mary: "Honey, perhaps you should lose the bow tie. Look around, nobody else is wearing one."Sheldon: "Well perhaps I'll start a fad."

Sheldon: (to his female teacher) "In violation of the grooming code, you have a bit of a moustache."

Sheldon: "Welcome to the church of Mathology. Today I'd like to talk about prime numbers and why they give us joy.

Mary: "You understand that some people might be intimidated by you, because of how smart you are?"Sheldon: "Or maybe they'll recognise my intellect and make me their leader."

Missy: "I don't need to be good at Math, I have beautiful hair."

Sheldon: "I started taking books out of the library, without stamping the cards. Before you judge me too harshly, I always brought them back on time. I was rule-breaker, not a lunatic."

George: "How did I get a rocket scientist for one son and a rodeo clown for the other?"

Teacher: "Sweetheart, you should really pursue music."Sheldon: "No thank you, musicians take drugs."

Mary: (to a nosy church-goer) "Nothing is wrong with him, now turn back around before I break your neck." 

Sheldon: "Dad, can we afford a computer?"George: "You do my taxes, what do you think?"Sheldon: "Never mind."

Sheldon: "What I find interesting, is how so many supervillains are scientists. If the world doesn't respect me, I might change sides."

Mary: "Young boys who don't spend time with their daddies grow up to be oddballs."George: "I hate to tell you, but that ball is already pretty odd."

Meemaw: "Look at my face, tell me what you see."Sheldon: "That you're old." Meemaw: "It's a good thing I love you."

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Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper
Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper.