Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon

From the brains behind The Big Bang Theory, comes this perfectly eccentric portrait of Sheldon Cooper's 9-year-old life. Join Sheldon as he starts his journey into awkward adulthood. It's not easy being a genius!

Young Sheldon
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Tuesday 26 Sep 2017

    G Sheldon learns that his high intelligence isn't always helpful growing up in East Texas, where church and football are king.

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      • Friday 27 Sep 2019

      PG After Dr. Sturgis has a nervous breakdown, Mary worries Sheldon is headed down a similar path.

      • Friday 4 Oct 2019

      PG Sheldon tries to find a new way to stay academically challenged, while Mary helps Pastor Jeff avoid temptation with his girlfriend.

      • Friday 11 Oct 2019

      G Sheldon takes matters into his own hands when Meemaw refuses to drive him to a lecture. Meanwhile, Georgie tries to impress Veronica with his new business venture.

      • Friday 18 Oct 2019

      G Sheldon is forced to take a break from science when his obsession with 'The Lord of the Rings' leads to an unhealthy habit.

      • Friday 25 Oct 2019

      G After being released from the mental hospital, Dr. Sturgis unexpectedly breaks up with Meemaw.

      • Friday 8 Nov 2019

      G A church carnival leads Missy to try out for the baseball team.

      • Friday 15 Nov 2019

      G Sheldon starts the first internet flame war, and Missy stands up to the boys on her baseball team.

      • Friday 22 Nov 2019

      G The University makes George a lucrative job offer in the hopes of recruiting Sheldon. Meanwhile, Georgie gets a job working for Meemaw's new boyfriend.

      • Friday 6 Dec 2019

      G Mary takes matters into her own hands and gets Pastor Jeff involved when Sheldon isn't invited to Billy's birthday party.

      • Friday 13 Dec 2019

      G Sheldon fakes being sick to avoid a swim test at school. Meanwhile, Dr. Sturgis spies on Meemaw's new boyfriend.

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