The Will & Grace cast settling in for the new season.

The television landscape may be vastly different to 1998 when Will & Grace first debuted. But the characters we know and love haven’t changed a bit.

Warning: Spoliers ahead. Watch the full episode right here

In the lead up to the 2017 reboot, we’ll admit we were a little apprehensive. 

Could they really just erase the past? Would the chemistry and brave humour still be there?

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way though, and we’re pleased to say they’ve nailed it.

For those of you who may not remember, the original season finale saw Will and Grace have a massive fallout. After years of not talking, they were reunited when their teenage children met at college.

Jack and Karen meanwhile, were living together after Karen’s husband died and she was left penniless.

So how were they planning on erasing all that, we wondered?

Well, these questions were addressed in the opening scene. The implication: Karen dreamed up the whole thing. Classic gag. 

Karen wakes from a trance.

“In the dream, Will was living with a swarthy man in uniform, and Grace was married to a Jew doctor,” Karen says.

To which Will replies, “well we were, but we’re single now.”

At the mention of their children, the characters laugh it off with a casual “that would never happen!”

Thus, successfully (sort of) resetting the clock, and reassuring the audience with the fact that nothing has really changed. 

Comedy’s favourite foursome may have aged a little, but they’re still just as sassy, passionate, and game for a laugh.

Even the apartment looks perfectly preserved. The upbeat title sequence stirs up a little nostalgia too.

The narrative arc of the episode is reminiscent of previous seasons too.

Spoiler alert, Will and Grace are living together, until they have a tiff and threaten to part ways.

Will & Grace, still as close as ever.

But in the end, they agree they’re better together, of course.

The jokes however, keep it topical. With references to Kylie Jenner, Grindr and Donald Trump, all within the first five minutes.

The first new episode may have been a little heavy on the political gags, but we have high hopes for the remainder of the season. 

Will & Grace continues Mondays at 8.30pm on TVNZ 2, or you can stream the latest episodes right here.