The cast of Will & Grace, back in Season 1 (1998).
  1. The characters in Will & Grace are based on the childhood friendship of the show’s creators, Max Mutchnick & David Kohan. 
  2. The title of the show comes from a concept in the Jewish philosophy book. “One needs the WILL to go after the presence of the Eternal, and the GRACE to receive it.” 
  3. Will & Grace is one of only three shows to win Emmys for every main cast member. 
  4. NBC bought the four main cast members matching Porsche convertibles, to thank them for their work after the first season. 
  5. Sean Hayes has received a massive 46 award nominations for his role as Jack in Will & Grace.
  6. Karen’s maid Rosario was only meant to appear in one episode, but she was so popular that they made her a series regular. 
  7. Jack’s website used to actually exist, with personal letters and pictures of his character. Now it just redirects to the NBC website.
  8. Megan Mullally almost turned down the role of Karen, in favour of another show. It wouldn't have been the same without her!
  9. Sean Hayes threw the pilot script in the rubbish after he first read it, thinking there’d be plenty more opportunities like it.
  10. Debra Messing reportedly accepted the role of Grace while she was highly intoxicated. 
  11. There’s a Will & Grace exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. It’s part of a display documenting the history of LGBT Americans, and features props and scripts from the show. 
  12. Jack’s Cher doll is worth $60,000, and is now owned by the show’s creator, Max Mutchnick. 
  13. Karen’s full official name is Karen Delaney St. Croiz Propeil Walker. 
  14. Grace was absent from five episodes in the sixth season, because Debra Messing was pregnant. 
  15. There were plans for a spinoff show starring Karen. NBC changed their minds when Joey (the Friends spinoff) didn’t do very well.
  16. Nicollette Sheridan (from Desperate Housewives) lost the part of Grace to Debra Messing in the final auditions. 
  17. Megan Mullally is married to Nick Offerman, star of Parks and Recreation. They met on the Will & Grace set, when Offerman played Nick the Plumber. 
  18. The first episode of the eigth season aired live on September 29, 2005. 
  19. Grace’s middle name is Elizabeth, because her mother was a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor. Debbie Reynolds played Grace’s mum, and in real life Debbie’s husband left her for Elizabeth Taylor.
  20. The cast performed a version of the theme song (with lyrics!), on the Jimmy Fallon show to promote the reboot. Watch the video below.