Played by Eric McCormack

Will Truman in the Will & Grace reboot.

Will’s a successful lawyer, living in New York’s Upper West Side.

His parents, Marilyn and George, were considered WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants), belonging to an elite social class of Americans.

Will was born in Connecticut, and grew up with two brothers, Paul and Sam. His family could be considered wealthy but dysfunctional.


Will met Grace at Colombia University. They dated for a spell, but Will was in denial about being gay.

He came out in 1985, with the help and confidence of his close friend, Jack.

Grace was initially hurt, but the pair made up and became inseparable best friends. They lived as roommates, on-and-off in the following years.


In the beginning of the series, Will was fresh out of a relationship.

Him and Michael were together for eight years, before they realised it wasn’t working.

Will later became romantically involved with a police officer named Vince.

They split when Vince needed some time out, but reconciled after the death of Will’s father.


His father, George, was always uncomfortable with Will’s sexuality, the pair had a heated argument about it in Season 8.

George died suddenly, several days later, leaving Will devastated.  

Will also lost touch with his brother Sam, who he was once very close to.

Grace successfully convinced them to talk though, and the brothers repaired their relationship.


Will always wanted to be a father. He and Grace discussed raising a child together, but never saw it through.

He also toyed with the idea of donating sperm to his high school girlfriend Claire, but Grace sabotaged his plans.

In the original final season, Will fathered a son named Ben, through artificial insemination.

In the 2017 reboot, Will is single, and still living with Grace in his original apartment.