Played by Megan Mullally

Karen Walker in the Will & Grace reboot

Promiscuous, spoiled and borderline alcoholic, Karen has a somewhat unstable grip on reality.

However she’s also positive and imaginative, and she sometimes reveals a softer side.


Karen took the job as Grace’s assistant, not out of necessity, but to escape the boredom of being a wealthy housewife.

Karen’s escapades as a socialite, and her distinct high-pitched tone became a trademark for her character.


Karen was married to multi-millionaire Stan Walker, an obese mogul with shares in Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

Stan spent time in jail for tax evasion, leaving his children, Mason and Olivia, in Karen’s incapable hands.

He also faked his own death, leaving Karen genuinely devastated, despite her constant mockery of him.

Years later, Stan reappeared. However his business folded, leaving Karen broke and alone.


Karen had a love-hate relationship with her maid, Rosario.

They argued a lot, and Karen could be patronising at times, but they shared a genuine affection.


Jack’s roommate, (Karen's nemesis) Beverly, died and left him a fortune. So Jack insisted on taking Karen in and supporting her extravagant lifestyle.


In the 2017 reboot, Stan is still in the picture, and Karen's fortune remains intact.