Played by Sean Hayes

Jack McFarland in the Will & Grace reboot.

Jack became Will’s best friend, after helping him to come out of the closet.

They care deeply for each other, but make fun of one another constantly.


Jack’s had a string of unsuccessful jobs, from waiter to nursing student, surfer to teacher.

He always believed his true calling lay in acting and theatre.

In the seventh season, Jack found a career as a producer with a gay television network.  


Jack is outspoken and forthcoming about his sexuality, advocating for gay rights and adoring all gay icons, particularly Cher.

He can be shallow and self-absorbed, but Jack’s intentions are essentially good.


Passionate and loyal, Jack’s had a lot of relationships, but very few of them lasted longer than a month.

Several episodes have hinted that Jack might actually harbour romantic feelings for Will.


Jack and Karen bonded over their shared narcissism early on in the series.

They remained close friends, supporting each other through ridicule and emotional hardship.


Jack found out that he had a son named Elliot, after donating to a sperm bank years earlier.

He initially had trouble adjusting, but committed to being a good father eventually.

In the 2017 reboot, Jack and Karen are still close, living across the hall from Will and Grace.