Played by Debra Messing

Grace Adler in the Will & Grace reboot.

Grace is a born and bred New-Yorker. She grew up in the city, the middle daughter in a Jewish family.

Her father is a successful doctor, the stereotypical patriarch, while her mother, Bobbi, is an animated singer and dancer.

Grace is a passionate and talented interior designer, running her Manhattan business with the help of close friend, Karen.


A self-confessed “bombshell”, Grace is outgoing, and a tad neurotic. Her vanity often makes her the subject of playful ridicule.

Grace can be a little lazy and unladylike, a stark contrast to her fussy best friend, Will.


Grace earned a bit of a reputation for “turning men gay.”

Aside from dating Will, she also had a boyfriend named Josh, who ended up bisexual.

She even briefly married Will’s Canadian boyfriend, James, in an effort to get him a green card.


At the beginning of the season, Grace was engaged to a man named Danny.

Will talked her out of it, convincing Grace that her and Danny weren’t well-suited.


Grace went on to have a string of boyfriends throughout the series, but eventually married Jewish doctor, Lea Markus.

Their marriage broke up when Leo cheated on Grace while away on business.

Leo and Grace were reunited years later, and their brief romantic tryst led to Grace falling pregnant.

In the original final season, Grace and Leo remarried and their baby daughter, Laila, was born.

In the 2017 reboot, Grace is fresh from a divorce, and living with her best friend Will once more.