Plays Karen Walker

Megan Mullally, as Karen Walker

Megan Mullally was born in California, the daughter of Hollywood actor Cater Mullaly Jr. 

They moved to Oklahoma, where the young Mullally studied and performed ballet.

She went on to study English Literature and Art History and Northwestern University.

Mullally signed on with an agent, and landed guest roles in shows such as Mad About You,  Just Shoot Me! and Murder She Wrote.

Mullally’s role as Karen in Will & Grace earned her several nominations, and two prime time Emmy Award wins.

After Will & Grace, she went on to host her own talk show, The Megan Mulally Show. She’s also hosted Saturday Night Live, and co-hosted alongside David Letterman.

Mullally's also guest starred in more recent sitcoms such as Happy Endings, Trophy Wife and Life in Pieces.

She supported the Will & Grace reboot straightaway, and reports that the cast were all very excited to be reuinited.