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Will & Grace

That's right, honey! After an unforgettable return season, comedy's most fabulous foursome is back once again!

Season 10 episodes available Tuesdays. Season 5 episodes available weekdays.

Will & Grace
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    Season 10, Episode 1
    • Wednesday 17 Oct 2018

    PG Grace's accidental run-in with Noah, a man she follows on Twitter, hints at a possible new love interest, while Jack makes a terrible first impression with Estefan's family on Skype.

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      • Tuesday 11 Jun

      PG Will gives local newscaster McCoy Whitman a second chance and, with the help of Jack, finally gets to know the man behind the newsman. Meanwhile, Grace's campaign for Design Guild President hits a snag.

      • Tuesday 4 Jun

      PG Malcolm enlists Grace to help him win back Karen's affections. Will's flirtation at work lands him in an ethical dilemma. Jack's passion for performing is reignited.

      • Tuesday 28 May

      PG When Will discovers Karen's estranged stepdaughter Olivia is a student in his law class, he attempts to solve their issues with a mock trial. Meanwhile, Grace and Jack go on a diet together.

      • Tuesday 21 May

      PG Will and Grace's plan to win over Will's new Columbia department head goes awry when he drops dead in their apartment - and they use his phone to text his full recommendation of Will.

      • Tuesday 14 May

      PG Will, Karen and Jack unknowingly take hallucinogens, which cause Will and Jack to wonder whether they're soul mates.

      • Wednesday 12 Dec 2018

      M In order to land a handsome TV news anchor with a penchant for dim, silly men, Will seeks advice from Jack.

      • Wednesday 5 Dec 2018

      PG Will's mother comes to visit after her dog dies, but she doesn't get the emotional support she was expecting.

      • Wednesday 21 Nov 2018

      PG Will promises to keep a secret from Grace. Meanwhile, Karen and Jack's relationship is tested.

      • Wednesday 14 Nov 2018

      PG Grace reveals a secret about her past which will change her relationship with her father forever.

      • Wednesday 7 Nov 2018

      PG Jack tries to help Karen open her heart to love again.

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