Like most local productions, the stars of Wilde Ride look pretty familiar.

If you’re having trouble placing the faces, here’s where you might have seen them before. 

Molly Leishman

Plays Georgia Grady - the ambitious showjumper who's life is turned upside down.  

Why you recognise her: The Cul de SacAgent AnnaHillary.

Molly Leishman, as Eliza in The Cul de Sac.

Colin Moy

Plays Mike Grady - Georgia's father, who is tragically killed in a car accident in Episode 1. 

Why you recognise him: Shortland StreetAuckward Love, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, The Brokenwood Mysteries, Go Girls, Under the Mountain, In My Father’s Den, Underbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud, BombshellThe KickJean.

Aidee Walker

Plays Penny Grady - Georgia's mother, who also loses her life in Episode 1.

Why you recognise her: Step Dave, Catching the Black Widow, Mercy Peak.

Aidee Walker with co-star Sia Trokenheim, in Step Dave.

Danielle Mason

Plays Heather Wilde - Penny's sister and Georgia's aunt.

Why you recognise her: The High Road, Nothing Trivial.

Kirk Torrance

Plays Tom Wilde - Georgia's uncle by marriage.

Why you recognise him: Filthy Rich, Outrageous Fortune, The Almighty Johnsons, The Dark Horse.

Kirk Torrance in Wilde Ride.

Pierre Beasley

Plays Ryan Wilde - Georgia's cousin and local motorcross champ.

Why you recognise him: Westside.

Pierre Beasley in Wilde Ride.

Geoff Houtman

Plays Walter Grady - Penny and Heather's brother, also Georgia's uncle.

Why you recognise him: The Jacqui Brown Diaries, Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Luanne Gordon 

Plays Margaret Grady - Walter's wife, Georgia's aunt by marriage.

Why you recognise her: Shortland Street, Interrogation, The Strip.

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