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When We Go To War

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  • When We Go To War Episodes

      • Season 1, Episode 1-2

      AO New Series: Set on the eve of WWI this landmark local drama tells the story of six young men and women, full of hopes and dreams and plans for the future, whose lives are about to change forever.

      • Season 1, Episode 3

      AO Charles clashes with Harry when he returns to Gallipoli; Cissy is seduced by an admirer; George breaks James' heart; and Manaaki and Harry go over the top' with tragic results.

      • Season 1, Episode 4

      AO Manaaki fights a recurring nightmare; John takes his guilt out on James; and Richard finds an unlikely ally in Awa.

      • Season 1, Episode 5

      AO Charles is shaken by the horror and stupidity of war and entrusts Violet with a letter exposing the truth. Meanwhile, returned war hero Manaaki is questioned in relation to murder.

      • Season 1, Episode 6

      AO Finale: As rumours of a Gallipoli evacuation spread, Charles, Manaaki and Bea start making plans for the future. Meanwhile back home, Awa and Cissy find their circumstances are changed forever.