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    Presented By

    John Campbell and Nigel Latta

    John and Nigel Dressed by Barkers 


    With Thanks To



    Helen Cherry

    A2Z Technologies

    ASB Stadium

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    Derek Handley

    Wendy McGuinness

    Shay Wright

    Frances Valintine

    Sacha McMeeking



    Bevan Crothers


    Gabriel Muller

    Wendy Adams

    Camera Assistants - New Zealand

    Laura Tait

    Zac Beckett-Knight

    Luke Bremner

    Angie Sanchez

    Camera Assistants - Melbourne, Australia

    Oliver Gross

    Jessa Rose

    Drone Operators - Melbourne, Australia

    Larry Lawson

    Alexander McAllister


    Senior Makeup Artist

    Kath Gould

    Makeup Artists

    Lauren Gunn

    Sophy Philips

    Dana Wilton

    Stylist for Hosts and Futurists

    Emma Aubin

    Assistant Stylists

    Sarah Delvigne

    Jacqui Whall


    Vox Pops Gaffer & Grip

    Drew Wright

    Vox Pops Best Boy

    True Saamu

    Vox Pops Set Co-Ordinator

    Chris Stratton

    Production Assistants

    Amy Yates

    Hannah Toulson


    Post Production Facility

    Department of Post

    Audio Post Production

    Native Audio


    Director’s Assistant

    Lacey Graham

    Vision Switcher

    Damon Vaudrey

    Senior Audio Engineer

    Ru Rakena


    EVs Operators

    Tobias Jones

    Graham Kerrigan

    Technocrane Hot Head

    Stephen Moody

    Technocrane Grip

    Evan Pardington

    Technocrane Telescope

    Joe Rixon

     Stype Technician

    Juraj Kersimir Solin



    Mahmoud Youssef

    Esther Mitchell

    OB Camera Assistant

    Lizie Koroivulaono

    Camera Operators

    Nic Harris

    Richard Mekalick

    Seb Doyle


    Floor Manager

    Tracy Oliver

    Autocue Operator

    Steve King


    Set Builders

    Greg Long

    Mike Lynch

    Studio Health and Safety Officer

    Lance Cathro


    Technical Producers

    James Gardner

    James Brookes

    Outside Broadcast

    NZ Live

    Technical Director

    Oliver Pitkin

    Senior Engineer

    Sam Scally

    NZ Live Crew

    Wendy Bremner

    Michael Griffin

    Jakin (Jian Jiao)

    Adam Welch




    Lighting Director

    Simon Garrett

    Lighting Crew

    Jason Steel

    Anthony Raimona

    Michael Green

    Sita Stichel

    Holden McCallum

    Jack Hooper

    Jesse Hawira

    Jeremy Gallagher

    Michael Teholden


    Set Design, Graphics, VR

    Perceptual Engineering

    Creative Director

    Jon Baxter

    Touch Designer lead engineer

    Puck Murphy

    Touch Designer programmer

    Olivier Jean

    3D Artists

    Charles Cumming

    Weiman Li

    General Assistant

    Siobhan Cade

    Unreal Artist

    Jake McPherson, Unreal artist

    Flame Artist

    Hannah Walker

    Sound Design

    Beat Worms



    Justin Hawkes

    Story Producer

    Patricia Phelan


    Production Manager

    Lisa Fothergill

    Line Producer

    Angela Burgess


    Network Executive

    Jude Callen


    Charlotte Hobson

    Executive Producers

    Arwen O'Connor

    Nigel Latta


    Mitchell Hawkes


    Vox Pops [Thursday]


    Brian Challis


    Greg Parker


    Wendy Adams


    Phil Holt


    Dana Wilton