Plan A?

If you believe in Plan A you think we should continue heading the way we are; basically the future is going to be a lot like today but just a bit more futuristic.  You reckon we are pretty much doing the right things, heading in the right direction and that if we were to do anything it would be to tweak or enhance the things that we’re currently doing.

Plan B?

If you believe in Plan B you think that the way we do a lot of things today won’t work in the future. So you think we should be open to new ideas, new ways of thinking. You might not even be afraid of some radical ideas to try and fix what you see is wrong with the world.

Or Both?

Now the thing is that you might be Plan A in some areas and Plan B in others. Over five nights we’ll discover where New Zealand sits on the big topics? The economy, education, the environment, health and the way we live. What do we want? Plan A or Plan B?