Why do I need to log in to answer?

We want to bring you a show that represents the opinions of all types of New Zealanders from all parts of the country. We ask you to log in so that we can capture a few basic details about you that can help us present better breakdowns of the results in the live show - such as the differences between what people in the North and South Island think, and what men and women agree or disagree on. We also need to ensure the validity of the data and logging in means we can confirm you’re a human, not a robot.


Can I answer questions more than once?

You can answer the questions multiple times (in case you change your mind), but your final answer is the one that counts. If you answer a question (for example, on your phone) and come back to the website (for example, on your laptop) to find that question available again, just ignore it and move on to the others. We have recorded your first answer against your profile and that answer has been counted. If you choose to change your answer, your previous answer and comment will be overwritten.


The results will constantly change as New Zealanders continue to join the conversation at different times. Each night we will capture a snapshot of how the nation voted at the end of that night’s episode.


Where can I see those nightly results?

The results as they were at the end of each night’s episode can be found in the Results tab of the website. However, if you want to see how the results change after the show finishes, go to the questions page where you can see up-to-the minute results as they come in.