Have your say about the future of New Zealand

Over five consecutive nights in a live television event unlike anything viewers will ever have seen before — Nigel Latta, John Campbell and a team of internationally recognised Kiwi “Futurists” will ask the big question: What do we want our lives to look like 20 years from now?

There are huge changes taking place in the world, and the pace of that change will only increase, so how can we make sure we’re ready?

And what happens if we’re not?

This isn’t about politicians or policy, this is about us, all New Zealand, creating a collective vision of what we want for our future.

What Next? asks New Zealanders to consider the impact of technology, the changing environment, the direction of the economy, and what lifestyle we want in the future. The series also utilises research from the University of Auckland’s School of Psychology, including results from a soon-to-be-released national survey of our attitudes and values.

Throughout each episode, Kiwis will be asked to weigh in on questions relating to these topics, creating a unique live national conversation we all need to be part of.

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