We all know life inside Wentworth prison is tough.

But thankfully, for those trapped inside the walls of the top rating TVNZ 2 and OnDemand series, life's made a bit more tolerable thanks to the relationships that form within.

So, who are the best pairings in Wentworth, the series which plays in over 90 countries worldwide?

Bea and Allie It's hard to go past these two. Bea had been incarcerated for the attempted murder of her husband and has been through a lot on the inside.
 But thankfully, former addicted prostitute Allie walked into her life - and this couple walked into our hearts.

Franky and Bridget

Tough Franky is a firm fan fave.

From her no-nonsense approach to life inside Wentworth prison to her spiky relationships, she's always been one to watch.

But it seems she met her match when an undeniable attraction developed between Franky and Wentworth’s psychiatrist Bridget Westfall.

Long live Fridget!


Boomer and Maxine

More platonic than anything more, this is one pairing we couldn't leave off the list.

More a meeting of kindred spirits, Boomer and Maxine's friendship has grown during their time inside


Will and Meg Jackson

Okay, okay, we know this one didn't end well way back in season one of Wentworth.

But Shortland Street star Robbie Magasiva's Will got a few moments of happiness with his wife Meg.

Well, right until the end of episode one of the very first season of Wentworth, when Bea Smith tripped over her dead body during a riot.


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