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  • Take our Wentworth quiz to see which inmate you are!

    Wentworth Season 5 is coming to TVNZ 2 and TVNZ OnDemand soon!

    You can currently watch seasons 3 and 4 of Wentworth on OnDemand, but if you're nervously waiting to see how it all turns out for the prisoners, then here's your chance to work out which of the ladies you share similar traits with!

    Good luck - and get ready to see if you have what it takes to survive inside!


    How do you solve an argument?

    a)      Using your status as a leader

    b)      With your fists

    c)       With your best mate at your side

    d)      Talk it out with compassion

    e)      Ask someone else to help you

    How do you relax?

    a)      Relax? No time for that!

    b)      Letting loose on a punching bag

    c)       Winding down with good friend

    d)      A cup of tea and a biscuit

    e)      Quality time with your family

    In a group situation you:

    a)      Take charge of situations

    b)      Enjoy being in a team and taking orders

    c)       Are always the voice of reason

    d)      Are a shoulder to cry on

    e)      Need others to make you feel better

    What kind of leader would you be?

    a)      Strong

    b)      Violent

    c)       Supportive

    d)      Reluctant, but would try it out!

    e)      No thanks!

    What’s your strongest personality trait?

    a)      Dominating

    b)      Passionate

    c)       Loyal

    d)      Nurturing

    e)      Anxiety

    And now the answers will reveal which inmate you are.......

    Are you ready?