Generally, the "Top Dog" protects the women in some way. But with a psychopath in power, it can only mean one thing. Nobody is safe.

Here’s a look back at Wentworth’s previous Top Dogs. The ones we’ve loved, and of course, hated. 

Nicole Da Silva as Franky Doyle.

1. Franky Doyle

When we first went behind bars, back in 2013, Franky was in charge.

Franky had a certain feisty-ness that helped her to get what she wanted.

It was this aptitude for theatrics that landed her inside Wentworth in the first place. A contestant on a reality cooking show, Franky poured a pan of hot oil at the host when he was getting in her face.

In Season 2, Franky yielded the position to Bea Smith, reluctantly admiring Bea’s stone-cold, straight-faced attitude. Although enemies from the beginning, Bea and Franky developed a mutual respect for one another. The pair became partners in crime, so to speak.

Upon her first release, Franky had something of an epiphany. She vowed to do good, stay clean and help keep young mischief-makers out of prison. Unfortunately that didn’t stop her from being locked up again.  

She may have revoked her power, refusing to take the helm this time around, but Franky hasn’t completely lost that fiery spark we all know and love. 

Kris McQuade as Jacs Holt.

2. Jacqueline "Jacs" Holt

A long term Wentworth-er, Jacs was born into a life of crime, and never really escaped it.

She was formidable without question, using fear and violence to keep the women in check. Jacs had a knack for guessing people’s weakness, and using it against them.  

But Jac’s age was catching up with her, and she didn’t have the stamina she once did.

In Season 1, the rivalry between Jacs and Franky escalated. To assert her power, Jacs forced a submissive Bea to burn Franky’s hand in the steam press. However, Franky overpowered Jacs, breaking her hand.

In the end though, it was Bea that overthrew Jacs for good. Bea learned about Jacs’s involvement in her daughter Debbie’s death. Overcome by rage, she stabbed Jacs in the neck with a pen, killing her almost instantly. 

Danielle Cormack as Bea Smith.

3. Bea Smith

Bea entered Wentworth prison a timid, naïve victim. She just wanted to keep her head down, do her time and get back to her daughter. Sadly though, that wasn’t her fate.

Clocking up a murder charge meant that Bea was in for life. She literally had nothing left to lose.

Despite being in a position of power, an existence without purpose and freedom was difficult for Bea.

Bea was a favourite among the Wentworth inmates. Tough but fair, loved and admired.

Season 3 marked the beginning of the rivalry between Bea and Joan Ferguson. The governor at the time, Ferguson did everything in her power to make Bea’s life hell.

The conflict escalated when Ferguson became a prisoner too. After setting fire to Wentworth and being charged with arson, Joan and Bea were on equal terms behind bars.

At the end of season 4, Bea took on Joan “The Freak” Ferguson once and for all.

Believing that Joan had killed her friend and lover, Allie, Bea was out for blood. With nothing but a rusty screwdriver between them, the pair were tangled up in a brawl. Believing that she had nothing to live for, Bea turned the weapon on herself and successfully ended her life.

The entire prison mourned.

Tammy MacIntosh as Kaz Proctor.

4. Karen "Kaz" Proctor

Believing that she owed Bea a debt, Kaz stepped up in the beginning of Season 5.

She might have been tough up front, but Kaz is actually sensitive at heart.

Her first order as Top Dog was to enforce a “no violence” rule in the prison. She believed in equal safety and rights for all of the women.

This didn’t sit well with some prisoners however, and thus, Kaz’s reign was a short one.

In Wentworth’s most horrific episode yet, Joan Ferguson demonstrated her aptitude for anarchy, viciously attacking Lucy Gambaro to prove a point.

Majority of the inmates responded to this message, dethroning Kaz in an instant.

Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson.

5. Joan "The Freak" Ferguson

It’s the dawn of a new era at Wentworth with the Freak in the top spot.

Despite being a complete sociopath, a friendless outsider, she knows how to manipulate people. She has a knack for getting in people’s heads, telling them what they want to hear.

Having successfully infiltrated the underground drug trade inside Wentworth, Joan has inmates and correctional staff alike, wrapped around her little finger.

With the exception of Allie, driven by hatred and revenge, nobody dares stand up to the Freak.

Her end game is unclear, but we know she wants to bring down current Governor, Vera Bennett. God help anybody who stands in her way.

According to Kaz, “she’s gonna tear those women to shreds, piece by piece…” 

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