Gritty, brutal and often confronting, Wentworth is the show Orange Is The New Black wanted to be.

A modern re-take of the iconic Aussie drama Prisoner Cell-Block H, there have been four seasons of the show, each one more gripping than the last.

As we wait to hear the fate of one of the show's favourites after an intense season four finale (which you can stream right now on TVNZ OnDemand), it's time to cast an eye back over what's already happened in readiness for Season 5 of Wentworth, coming to TVNZ 2 and OnDemand!

Season One of Wentworth

AKA the one which introduced us to all the inmates.

Fans of the iconic Prisoner series which pushed boundaries over three decades ago and still today boasts a loyal following worldwide, will remember Bea Smith as gutsy and fearless, ruling Wentworth Correctional Centre with an iron fist.

But who was Bea Smith before prison? How did a wife and mother from the suburbs become a top dog without rival?  

It was time to be introduced to Bea all over again and meet her allies and enemies in the form of iconic inmates: Doreen Anderson, Liz Birdsworth and Franky Doyle, and there are new faces such as Jacs Holt, the ruthless matriarch of a crime family who now reigns over Wentworth. 

Favourite officers also returned.

Meg Jackson carries a shameful secret; Vera Bennett, the well-meaning officer who discovers everyone has a price; Erica Davidson, the crusading Lawyer and Matthew Fletcher who believes in retribution rather than rehabilitation. And a new face, Meg’s husband Will Jackson whose past still haunts him.

Season two

The one which follows Bea's rise to the top.

Three months after Bea killed Jacs Holt, the power vacuum at Wentworth prison has been filled.  

With Bea languishing in the slot, Franky has risen to top dog unopposed.  

However, the sudden arrival of new governor Joan Ferguson threatened all that.

Especially when she revealed her job is to clean up Wentworth and restore order at any cost to the inmates and her staff.  Franky’s reign is under threat immediately when Ferguson tries to elevate Bea’s position.

But Bea has other plans as she vows to avenge her daughter’s murder from the inside.

It ended with Bea being caught after breaking out and returning to the prison where she's declared top dog - Queen Bea is here to stay

Season three of Wentworth 

It's available now to binge on TVNZ OnDemand and sees the power play really stepped up inside the walls.

While Queen Bea reigns, plans are afoot from Joan "The Freak" Ferguson to bring her down. But Bea's also plotting to do the same thing - by using the prisoners and officers to her advantage.

As the battle of wits begins, no-one is safe from the impact of these two titans butting heads - and certainly the final scenes of the last episode of season leave plenty of questions over who will survive....

Season Four

After the cataclysmic events of the season three finale, Wentworth's season four (also available tostream right now on TVNZ OnDemand) is the most shocking yet.

It’s been four months since Bea and the other inmates have been housed offsite while they wait for construction to be completed.  And if Bea thought life after was going to be easy, she'd never be more wrong.

With two new enemies on the block, Bea's going to have to use all her wits to survive.

First up, there is Kaz, made so dangerous by her extremist feminist ideology, who regards Bea as the great betrayer to the cause, and Ferguson who is on a mission to exonerate herself and get revenge on Bea – will the walls of Wentworth be enough to protect the Top Dog?

The final moments of season four of Wentworth were heart-stopping to say the least, and it's no wonder fans are clamouring for a fifth season, which will be airing on TVNZ 2 and OnDemand soon, so make sure you save the show to your Favourites and get ready to go back inside Wentworth!