We all know Wentworth is your drama obsession!

Ahead of season 5 of Wentworth airing on TVNZ 2 and OnDemand, we're breaking down the show by the numbers.


41 - the number of nominations Wentworth's received

11 awards won - including most outstanding actress for Kiwi and fan fave Danielle Cormack aka Bea

46 - the number of episodes screened in New Zealand to date (10 episodes in season 1; 12 episodes in seasons 2, 3 and 4)

12 - the number of episodes ahead in the thrilling season 5 of Wentworth airing soon!

4 –  the number of Kiwi actors that have starred on the show: Danielle Cormack, Robbie Magasiva, Aaron Jeffrey, Frankie Adams

6 - the number of times Danielle Cormack has been nominated for awards for her role as Bea in Wentworth

4 - the number of times Nicole da Silva has been nominated for awards for her role as Franky in Wentworth (Don't forget you can see a softer side of Nicole in new TVNZ OnDemand series Doctor, Doctor

1979 – the date Prisoner first aired on TV (the famous Australian soap opera on which Wentworth is based)

4 – number of top dogs in Wentworth so far (Jacs, Franky, Bea, Kaz)

4 - number of governors in Wentworth so far – (Meg Jackson, Erica Davidson, Joan Ferguson and Vera Bennett)

2 - number of locations for the Wentworth film set in Australia

15 – number of Bea’s cell

24 - the number of Wentworth episodes to view online at TVNZ OnDemand right now


Don't forget you can watch Wentworth online at TVNZ OnDemand - we've got Wentworth seasons 3 and 4 to view now ahead of season 5!

And save Wentworth to your favourites ready for the brand new season coming soon!